HMC fleet



Thanks to the efforts of our CEO and other office members, we now have access to satellite AIS data!

What does this mean?

To display the position and navigational information from our vessels, this site relies on AIS data. AIS data is transmitted by all large vessels and can be received by nearby coast stations, vessels and satellites. This data is normally used for vessel identification, collision avoidance and traffic monitoring.

Many coast stations also upload the AIS data that they receive to the internet. On websites like this data is freely accessible. From the beginning of this website in March 2020, it relied on this free AIS data.

The downside to this free data is that when a ship is out of range from the coastal stations, it's position and status on this website could not be updated. Ships that were out of range would appear to be standing still for days or even weeks on end.

The only way to receive AIS data from ships that are far from shore, is through satellites. This data however, is not free. Luckily, Koos-Jan has decided to support this website by purchasing a subscription to a satellite AIS data provider. This means we can now track our ships wherever they are on the globe! Satellite AIS data is not updated as frequently as shore based AIS, but should still be accurate to within a few hours most of the time.

Stay tuned for more updates...